Venture Capital

What we do

NBTC invests in companies, startups and projects related to fintech and blockchain technology.

We believe in the arising blockchain revolution and its true disruptive powers. The distrubuted ledger aka blockchain has the capacity to support quantum leaps in areas like traditional financial markets, sustainability, green finance and socioeconomics.

Our Portfolio

How we can help you

NBTC is an active seed stage VC firm. We are experienced. We understand a web3 project lifecycle from idea to delivery. We do not only support companies financially but also share our knowledge and network.

As your project grows, you will have different needs at different times. With NBTC, you’ll always have our support. Sometimes it’s a pep talk. Sometimes it’s a tough conversation no one else will have with you. Sometimes it’s a push towards new leadership skills. In the end, it will always be your hands on the reins. Our real-world expertise, extensive network, and exclusive benefits deliver the support, resources, and meaningful connections you need at every stage of your journey.

Please contact us and send your pitch deck, we are open to any serious project. Please note that not receiving feedback from us means that at the moment, due to external or internal circumstances, we are not ready to cooperate. Please keep us updated with your progress. Whether there is significant growth, we are likely to revise our decision!

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